About the Authors

Mary Tullie Critcher and Leonard Critcher

Leonard and Mary Tullie Critcher moved with their two sons, Merritt and Len, to Dallas in 1987 from Shreveport, LA.  They immediately embraced the city, the surrounding areas and all The Metroplex had to offer.  Both sons embraced the opportunities that abound in the “can do” environment of The Metroplex, and each found success in what the area has to offer.

Leonard, a native of Houston, spent over forty years in the Financial Services Industry specializing in asset protection and wealth preservation.  He has been recognized as one of the true innovators in the industry and has been a platform speaker all over the world.  He is the author of two novels, Drawing The Line and Crossing The Line, several business books including COVERING YOUR ASSets, How To Sell Annuities, A Woman’s Guide To Money and co-authored the best selling It’s Greek To Me with Mary Tullie.

Mary Tullie, a native of Magnolia, AR, is an Interior Designer.  She presently works primarily with corporate executives moving into The Metroplex.  Since moving to Dallas, she has been an integral part of the community, serving in leadership positions in numerous charitable efforts, social organizations, her church and is a sustaining member of the Junior League.  Before moving to Dallas, she was recognized as Outstanding Young Woman in Louisiana and the National Young Mother of the Year.

Leonard and Mary Tullie continue to give back to the communities they love, splitting their time between Dallas and their home at White Bluff Resort on Lake Whitney, where Mary Tullie serves on the Architectural Control Committee and Leonard serves as President of the 6,000 member White Bluff Property Owners Association.

This effort was one of love for their “adopted” city and a welcome to all those moving into The Metroplex.